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Ghost Town Sporting Clays, located near Parker, South Dakota, overlooks the Vermilion River on the abandoned site of Finlay, a small short-lived village started in 1876. Rabbit targets race down along the spill way where John Norton’s flour mill once stood, teal spring up between the century old cottonwoods, and one of two towers overlooks what is left of the earthen dam, throwing targets in all four directions.

Since opening in the summer of 1993, Ghost Town Sporting Clays has thrown more NSCA registered targets than any other course in the State of South Dakota, hosting as many as 12 tournaments a year. With 20 different shooting fields, along with portable throwing machines, Ghost Town has thrown over 200 different target presentations. This means that every tournament has something new for the shooting enthusiasts. In 1997, Ghost town added a portable NSCA 5-Stand to its facilities. Not only is the 5-stand an added attraction to Ghost Town’s tournaments but it also travels to various trap clubs drawing more shooters into the game of sporting clays. Our 5-stand was also featured at both the Nebraska and South Dakota State Shoots in 1998 and again at the Nebraska State Shoot in 2002. This addition has also enabled Ghost Town to introduce many shooters to the new game of FITASC.

Besides hosting the 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 South Dakota State NSCA Tournaments, Ghost Town Sporting Clays is the only course in the nation hosting the Benelli Challenge. Annually, we throw flurries of up to 6 targets to shooters with Benelli semi-automatic shotguns with extended tubes to hold 9 shells. No target is scored lost until it hits the ground or your gun is empty. It is not uncommon for a shooter to use 175 rounds on 100 targets. At the Fall Benelli Challenge, the Benelli Shotgun Company sponsors an exhibition with Tom Knapp, the world record holder by breaking 9 targets, one at a time, before they hit the ground.

The owners at Ghost Town Sporting Clays place a great amount of emphasis on our customers having an enjoyable time. Many of our targets are relatively easy to break, helping to keep the new shooters coming back and yet we always throw some challenging targets to keep the experienced shooters happy. More than anything else, we have found that when you break a lot of targets, you have a lot of fun. The numbers speak for themselves, since opening in 1993, Ghost Town is rapidly approaching the 1 million mark in targets thrown, drawing from a base of over 400 shooters not only from South Dakota and neighboring states, but as far away as California and Canada.

We at Ghost Town Sporting Clays are proud of our reputation and strive to do everything possible to keep our customers coming back. Tournaments results are emailed out within one day after the shoot (email registration required). Free lunch is served at most of the tournaments. Costs are kept as low as possible with profits going back into course improvements and facilities. We strive to do everything possible to make your Ghost Town experience a memorable one.

2010 South Dakota Registered Shoot Schedule / Results

January 3      
24 Willow Creek
February 7 Ghost Town - Polar Bear    
21 Cloverleaf
  28 Ghost Town - Frostbite Open    
March 7      
21 Cloverleaf Ghost Town - Shamrock Special
  28 Hunter's Pointe   Palm Sundy
April 4     Easter
  11 Hunter's Pointe    
18 Cloverleaf Ghost Town - Git R Done
  25 James Valley    
May 2 Willow Creek    
  9 Hunter's Pointe   Mother's Day
16 Cloverleaf James Valley
  30 Ghost Town - May Classic & State Warm-up    
June 6 Hunter's Pointe    
12&13 Willow Creek (Dakota Blast)
  20 James Valley   Father's Day
  25-26-27 GTSC South Dakota State Shoot    
 Jul 4      
11 Hunter's Pointe
  18 Cloverleaf    
  25 Ghost Town - Firecracker Open    
August 1      
8 Willow Creek
  15 Hunter's Pointe    
22 Ghost Town - Mid-Summer Sizzler
September 5      
  12 Hunter's Pointe    
19 Cloverleaf
  26 GTSC - Benelli Challenge    
October 3      
November 7 Hunter's Pointe    
December 5 Hunter's Pointe    


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Ghost Town Sporting Clays and Gary’s Gun Shop present the Challenge!


Fall: September 26th
9:00am – 6:00pm
100 Targets - $32.00
Lewis Purse (optional) - $10.00













Targets will be thrown flurry style, with up to 6 targets thrown at once.

Extended Magazine tubes required. Limited number of extended tubes available as well as Benelli M1 Super 90’s to borrow at no charge.

No target is scored as lost until it hits the ground or your gun is empty.  Come prepared to shoot lots of ammo!













Also sponsored by:

Benelli USA Shotguns

Torresdal Chucker Traps


Ghost Town Sporting Clays – (605) 647-5691

Gary's Gun Shop – (605) 332-6119

Steve Naatjes – (605) 647-2349

Gene Stapleton – (605) 647-5641

Vince Plucker - [605] 297-4860

E-mail us: ghostown@wildblue.net


Mobile 5-Stand Now Available!

Call for pricing details on minimums and mileage, etc.

Contact Steve Naatjes at (605) 332-6119 or
(605) 647-2349 to reserve a date for your club.

Ghost Town Sporting Clays
45778 278th Street
Parker, South Dakota 57053

[605] 647-5691 or [605] 647-5641
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Hours of Operation:  Ghost Town is open to the public on Tournament Dates or by Appointment only.  Shoots start at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM.

Fields:  Our range is designed with a hunter course (blue) and an expert course (red). Every station has two automatic throwers. Sometime we'll even throw in a few stations of Super Sporting.  Course layout is changed for every tournament.  NSCA 5-Stand and a FITASC course is also available.

100 Targets $32.00
50 Targets $16.00
5 Stand - 25 Targets $7.00

Clubhouse:  1200+ square feet of indoor area with tables and chairs. Free lunch served at every shoot.

Here's how to find us!

2009 (2008 shooting year) South Dakota All State Team

SOUTH DAKOTA OPEN 508888 Gary Salmen
SOUTH DAKOTA OPEN 558671 Dwayne Lerew
SOUTH DAKOTA OPEN 502176 Anthony Naatjes
SOUTH DAKOTA OPEN 526326 Loren Voeltz
SOUTH DAKOTA OPEN 523414 Ralph Troelsen
SOUTH DAKOTA LADY 556345 Debbie Plucker
SOUTH DAKOTA SUB JUNIOR 557986 Michael Fritz
SOUTH DAKOTA JUNIOR 542823 Michael Stapleton
SOUTH DAKOTA VETERAN 508916 Ronald Fokken
SOUTH DAKOTA AA CLASS 527495 Mark Wenzel
SOUTH DAKOTA A CLASS 544887 James Bauman
SOUTH DAKOTA B CLASS 541303 Duane Noonan
SOUTH DAKOTA C CLASS 522305 Vincent Plucker
SOUTH DAKOTA D CLASS 522399 Richard Schmit
SOUTH DAKOTA E CLASS 547627 Myron Breed

Click here for additiona All State Team information 

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